Herpes and The Redpill

Herpes and The Redpill

The gift that keeps on giving.  In this post, it will give us the gift of knowledge.

I came across a good study on the epidemiology of herpes while researching the epidemiology of HIV.  Bauer Et. Al. published a comprehensive study on relationship status and herpes in 2010.  Read it for yourself here:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21176214.  Bauer utilized data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey to create a dataset of people aged 20-49.  She then broke that down to subgroups by race, age, and relationship status.  Here’s what Bauer found:


The takeaway is:

  1. Women have a higher rate of herpes than men.
  2. Black women have the highest rates of herpes. Period.
  3. Blacks have higher rates than whites.
  4. White women have a steady increase in infection rates as they age.
  5. White men have the lowest rates, independent of relationship status.
  6. Seems to be a steady increase in infections with age, independent of relationship status for all groups.

This study supports a number of redpill truths:

  1. Chicks have a lot of sex contrary to what you might have been told bout them sweet little angels.  More partners, more sex = more infections.
  2. Blacks have more sex than whites.  Black dudes have a lot of natural game because they have to survive their generally shitty childhoods of fighting for status in the neighborhood group.  They also are generally poorer and have fewer diversions.  Sex doesn’t cost a thing.  Ergo, younger age for sex and more sex for blacks.  Black women are at 35.5% infection rate  (relationship or not) by the time they’re 24.  White women don’t hit that milestone until 40.  Also, notice that the black male “relationship” infection line does not level off like the white male relationship line.  Again, the brothers just can’t get enough pussy.  This study really pissed off the hare-trigger elements of the black community.  Check out some of the blowback. One excuse offered in that article is that testing positive for herpes antibodies does not mean you have it.  Pretty misleading.  Not having the clinical disease doesn’t mean you aren’t infected and spreading it according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  3. The infected/single trend for white women tends to show evidence of the cock carousel and wall courtesy of education, careers, and feminism.  The herpes rate nearly doubles from the 25-29 cohort to the 30-34 cohort.  The late 20’s is the cock carousel. By 3o, single white women are rode hard and sitting at a 25.7% infection rate.  The wall comes a-calling in the mid 30’s, and the steady upward trend of white female infection suggests desperate, baby-fevered women slinging that pussy round looking to make a deal with any poindexter-who-waited-his-turn out there for a commitment and a baby.  Perhaps even testing out the highly-infected forbidden dark meat?  (Rationalization Hamster:  Well, mixed babies are soooooo cute!)  That could explain the increasing infection rates among white women while white men hold steady in the 30’s and 40’s.
  4. White men have better judgment about who not to fuck than white women or black folks.  With a max infection rate of 22.3%, white men are not putting their chip in the herpes dip the way their counterparts do.
  5. Cheating:  White guys don’t seem to be cheating in their relationships up to age 29.  Even, then the increase is modest.  White chicks start cheating young.  After age 24, the infection rate among white chicks in relationships goes from 7.8% to 13.6% while their white male counterparts who are their natural companions hold steady at around 2-3%. Hypergamy is real!

The practical use of this information is simple.  If you want to avoid getting infected, only stick your dick in young (<24), white chicks.  That would also make your life pretty happy.  It’s a win-win.  But, I’d avoid her if she’s got a past of dating black guys.  Screwing anyone else is just a crap shoot.  The limitations of the Bauer study are that there were no controls for faggotry and that data is spread out over time (9 years).  Failure to control for homosexuals might drive the male infection rates lower, but if queers are only 5%-7% of the population, I doubt controlling for them would change the overall takeaways of the data.  I’m more concerned about aggregating the data.  It is hard to know exactly how the author picked the data to use, but I don’t see any immediate reason to doubt the study considering it seems to confirm a lot of stereotypes and common sense.  That is, if the data were manipulated, it sure wasn’t to advance a clown world agenda.

Finally, I want to give you who stumbled into this clown free zone looking for answers to your herpes questions some advice if you see a little blister on your cock. Yes, herpes ain’t a big deal.  It has less effect on health than a cold for 98% of infected people.  For the unlucky 2% whose bodies are not hospitable to the virus, it sucks for a couple of years as the immune system fights the virus, but fades away to nothing but a positive blood test in time.  Yes, there are a very, very unlucky 0.1% who will have outbreaks every so often their entire lives, and yes, there are even some, perhaps 0.001%, who will catch viral encephalitis from the infection and die, but on the whole, I’d rather have herpes than a degenerative disk or an arthritic knee.  The only serious health consequence is that herpes increases the risk of HIV infection.  This however, is a bit suspect because scientists don’t have a convincing explanation for this phenomenon. Some speculate it is because increased immune cell activity in the sites of herpes infections.  Others blame micro tears in the skin.  As likely, but not discussed, is the fact that many herpes sufferers are male queers who are hypersexual and engage in high risk (read: buggery) behaviour.

Now that I’ve made you feel better, shut up.  Don’t say a word about that blister to anyone.  Not to your best bro (he’ll let it slip to that conquest you’re both competing for when he’s drunk).  Not to your mom (she’s a woman man, they can’t keep secrets).  Not your dad (he’s dealt with your bullshit enough).  Not even your doctor (unless you think you have something worse lurking in your loins).  For the love of Christ, don’t get on a herpes dating site and don’t join Project Accept.  The reality is that herpes is still viewed by everyone as either a joke with which to fuck with you for all time or the equivalent or leprosy.  Sorry, that’s reality.  (They’re all gonna laugh at you!!!) Yes, herpes is a PR demon conjured up by a drug company to sell a drug that they couldn’t otherwise sell (if you don’t believe me, go to your local medical library and pull any version of Conn’s Current Therapy before the introduction of Zovirax in 1979, look at the VD section–there’s no entry for “herpes”), and yes, you are a poor little victim, but shut up!

Grit your teeth, be a man, and deal with it.  If you go to the doctor, you will have a permanent medical record of your shame discoverable in civil litigation.  If you must get tested, go to a private lab and pay cash under the pseudonym “Barry O’bama.”  Again, don’t leave a paper trail of your shame.  If you are highly sensitive to the virus, you will be in a shitty, shitty place for a few months.  Aching genital nerves, burning piss, and oozing sores just like the Book of Job.  It could take a couple of years before you stop having outbreaks.  Just quit dating, work on yourself, and deal with it until the outbreaks stop.  If the shit is too hard to deal with, find a way to get hold of some Valtrex without leaving a paper trail.  Tell your doctor you need it to deal with the bad cold sores in your mouth. (Mouth cold sores are herpes).  Better yet, use your dentist.  Your dentist would probably call it in without an office visit.  You might also go to a new doctor who does not know your medical history and tell him you need Valtrex to suppress shingles.  (Shingles is a socially acceptable form of herpes that occurs anywhere on the body that pretty much everybody has).

After you get over your outbreaks, I’m not telling you what to do. If you don’t disclose your status to a sex partner, you might get sued if they come down with herpes.  If you are wealthy and high-status, you might have a lot to lose.  Many a greedy bitch sued over herpes.  It’s divorce rape without the marriage.  Shit, even poor old Tony Bennett was sued by some greedy whore for a payday.  (Allegedly, he left more than his heart in San Francisco.)   There is a saying in tort law: Every dog gets one bite.   Are you better off having detailed medical records of your shame, or just living in ignorance?  Think about it and good luck player.  Remember: Shut up.


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