Rubber Cucky, You’re the One…

Recently perusing the “recently added” tab of Netflix, I stumbled upon a sure sign of the coming clown apocalypse.  I kid you not, there was a documentary on a phenomenon called “masking” or “doll men.”  In case you haven’t heard of this fetish, it involves men who put on rubber suits to make them look like female dolls.  I’m not making this up.  In clown world, the whims of any sick weirdo are catered to by the free market and elevated to normalcy.  Let me take you on a brief tour through a vomitous exposition of rubber cuckies as featured in “Men in Rubber Masks” with a view to the redpill.  I’m not posting any pictures because it disgusts me, so just google it.

First, there is “Robert,” a 70 year old man living in California.  Seems normal enough. He’s a real estate developer with a teenage daughter.  How does he spend his spare time? Dressing up as “Sherry.”  Robert puts on a rubber “fem skin” and mask to become Sherry while his daughter isn’t in the house.  Robert just “can’t believe that’s a 70 year old man looking back at him in the mirror.”  Robert sees “an exciting young lady.”  The documentarian in a nasally queer voice tells Robert that Sherry is “beautiful.”  Robert’s coup de maitre is to glue some of his pubic hair onto his fem skin’s vagina.  Gag. Upchuck.

On dating, Robert was unsatisfied with the 50 and 60 something women his SMV as a 70 year old man could command.  He was married 11 years, then divorced.  Sherry, I suppose, became his fantasy girl.

The next profile are the manufacturers of “fem skins” who are the Ramos family, somewhere in Florida.  Superficially, they seem normal–heterosexual marriage with three sons.  Their father died a few years ago, and the business is his legacy.  Please hold your laughter.  Yes, his legacy. His teary eyed wife announced this to the world.  Damn. That’s like dying with some really, really sick sex toys in room that your mom and sister have to clean out when they sell the house.  Ick.  One of the Ramos boys discloses a very interesting fact:  The great majority of their business goes to Germany.  If there ever was evidence that Germany was deliberately and systematically cucked, this is Exhibit A.

We next skip across the pond to the UK where we meet Joel and his girlfriend Mel. Joel is a textbook omega male.  Mel is a textbook omega female land whale.  Kids, that confirms the redpill. This is what the losers of the sexual marketplace do.  The male is a sick cuck.  The female is a land whale.  Joel “masks” with his friend “Tiff.” They met on a social media website for rubber cuckies.

Then there’s John. John spills his guts to the camera in perhaps the most forthright soul baring vignettes I’ve seen.  So John admits that he loves women, but he can’t have what he wants.  That is, a young beautiful women.  What does he do?  He emulates it by masking.  Jesus John, just use that money you spent on the rubber cucky suit to go somewhere that will accept you as man.  Thailand, Central America, and Eastern Europe come to mind.  Rather than being a fucking man about getting his needs met, John takes the non-confrontational, pussy way out by trying to be like what he wants.  That’s so fucked up, and nobody’s telling this guy the truth.  He’s being enabled by what appears to be a couple of tatted up lesbians.

The film culminates with a rubber doll convention.  At this convention, these poor souls validate each other, while shaking and jiggling their little rubber titties.  They even go out into the streets of the unnamed convention city in force.  This results in more than a few looks and some obligatory street harassment set to sad music.  The harassor, a young brother, reigns hellfire and brimstone on the rubber cuckies.  One of the Ramos sons white knights for the rubber cuckies.  It was sad, sad sight.

In the denouement of the film, Robert, the 70 year old man from the beginning of the film, takes Sherry public.  He is not beaten to a pulp.  Hurray diversity!  But, what could one expect from California, the land of fruits and nuts?

What redpill lessons shall we learn from the rubber cuckies?  These men are desperate for the attention of an attractive young woman.  Robert admits this roundabout by his dissatisfaction with what he could attract at his age.  Joel does not admit this, but take one look at Mel, and you’ll see that is Joel’s motivation as well.  John is straightforward in his admission of failure.  They got desperate because they were unable to perform in the sexual market place.  Male desire always finds an outlet.  In this case, the outlet is to become what they desire.  This way, they may totally possess the feminine presence they crave without fear of rejection.  The sexual market in America place is fucked.  There are not enough attractive women for number of men.  The obverse of this problem is that there are too many men.  In the past, wars and occupational hazard thinned the ranks of men.  Now, white, western societies face low birth rates coupled with a nearly 1:1 sex ratio.  Add to this the insistence of Madison Avenue and Hollywood that all women deserve an alpha Studvider (stud/provider combo ala Mr. Big from Sex in the City), and you have a recipe for civilizational collapse.

And lo, poor Deutschland!  They are the biggest market for rubber cuckie suits.  Mother Merkel keeps importing brown cocks to an already tight sex ratio society.  By the Company Factbook (you know, the government company with 3 letters beginning in C and endIng in A), the German sex ratio is 1.06 males to females.  No wonder the poor, average German male resorts to a life of rubber cucking.  Merkel is a relentless dominatrix bent on crushing the micro testicles of breeding age German males.  Her whips and hobbles of choice are ruthless Muslim invaders.

The sex ratio in the USA will soon worsen due to immigration.  Currently, the M:F ratio between birth and 24 is 1:045.  Yet, we have a migration rate of 3.9/1000.  For those of you in the Southern part of the USA (from So Cal to Florida) where these migrants make landfall, look around you.  How many of those migrants are women?  Nearly zero.  Men are the risk taking sex.   They will cross the border illegally at risk of life and limb to better their station in life.  When they get here, they find work, but not women.  We’re already overrun with men in the USA.  Have you noticed how many migrant men take up with white omega females?  I’ve seen many a white war pig on the arm of a brown man from Latin America, or out and about in a hajib after being kee’bobed by a muslim man.  The American dream for Jose and Akmed is steady pay, a white war pig wife, beige children, and maybe a trailer or a shit shack in the worst part of town. I digress.  The point is that immigration policy must change, and change soon, or we will have a generation of young men doing ridiculous displays of patheticness such as rubber cucking, crossdressing, buggery, and penis flaying.

My prescription?  Encourage migration of single women of childbearing age from Europe and especially Eastern Europe to the USA.  Of course, feminists and women in general won’t go for this because they don’t want the competition, but the consequences for their own sons is pretty shitty.  In clown world, women are given the vote and full participation in the political process despite their general inability to be future oriented.   Thus, the ringmasters  of clown world must pacify them.  But how long will pacification of women at the expense of men last?  Some may say watch Germany and Sweden.  I believe, however, that the USA is much farther down this road than anyone understands.  More on that in another post.


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