Extending the dependent class upward!

When a clown needs a job done, he needs skilled labor. Thus, it is in the clown’s interest to have some system of education and training to assure the clown and his clown associates of adequate services such medical care, estate planning, proper education for the little clowns, architecture for the summer clown palace, and so forth.  But, an educated peasant is a dangerous peasant.  This peasant could usurp.  Can’t have that.

What’s a clown to do?  Recall in Rule 4 of Clown Economics that clowns must cultivate an uneducated, dependent underclass to run a viable Clown Economic System (CES).  A CES is really no different from a feudal estate.  In America, the only thing that prevents the establishment of a hard feudal system are gun rights and slavery (if you aren’t being punished for a crime–slavery is Constitutional–just ask 5 black men and one of them will tell you that because he’s been in the joint).  We are currently under a soft feudal system.  Citizens (serfs) are free to move about (no longer tied to the land–progress!) but must pay tribute to the overlord (State) in Clownbucks (see Rule 1) or give a darn good reason why (didn’t make enough Clownbucks) on an overlord-approved form.  If he doesn’t, he will be sent to jail where he will be enslaved (Constitutionally and legally, I might add).  I digress.  The point is that Rule 4 is but one stick that keeps skilled labor working.  I will now introduce Rule 4A, 4B, and 4C which are three more sticks to keep the CES in place.  The idea is to make people who can earn a decent living dependent on the State in some other way.  The idea is to extend the dependent class upward such that more cognitively capable people become dependents in some way.  This is by occupational licensing (Rule 4A) and student debt (Rule 4B).  The system must be fed, so ignorance of Rule 4A and 4B must be fostered among the cognitively gifted (for now, the clowns don’t have robots with AI to do labor or genetic engineering to assure that their progeny are cognitively gifted) by use of Rule 4C–ignorance of financial matters.  Finally, those who do make it in spite of 4A-C may be caught by rule 4D.

Rule 4A:  For every skilled trade or profession, use the State to license it such that obtaining a license requires lots and lots of training and education.

The justification for licensing of occupations is public safety.  The good ole police power is the most abused power of the government.  If the government wants to regulate something, it just has to have legislative authority, and the legislation can’t facially trample an enumerated or established Constitutional right.  The government could make a law that limits the hours in which one may defecate in a toilet connected to a public sewer so long as there is a rational basis for it.  It doesn’t have to be that good of reason. The reason just has to be based in a reality comprehensible to the presiding judge.   I will not go into a diatribe about regulation in general.  I just want to point out that the State has near plenary power to regulate occupations.

In 1965, it took just four years of post-secondary education and two years of internship to become a general practice doctor.  It now takes 11 years.   Doctors trained in the 1960’s are no more safer to the public than the 2017 version.  In fact, my own doctor is in his 70’s.  He does great work and doesn’t bullshit you.  In most states, there wasn’t even an occupational license for a barber or plumber in the 1960’s, but now a barber takes schooling plus 2 years to get license.  A plumber takes 5 years of apprenticeship and little coursework.   So far as I know, haircuts and toilets are no more dangerous now than 50 years ago.  Why the extra red tape?

Occupational licensing is sold to those holding the licenses as a barrier to competition, but the clown agenda is more sinister.  The point is to make the serf-citizen like the pig at breakfast.  The chicken is just involved (eggs), but the pig is committed (bacon).  Changing course in life after being committed to an educational or training program that leads to a state-issued occupational license becomes Herculean task.  This ensures that the clown investment in that person (by trickle down Clownbucks) becomes a more predictable and certain investment.  One who obtains one of these precious occupational licenses has a lot to lose indeed.  He or she will be a good little serf-citizen that doesn’t question the rules of clown economics.  A person with a licensed occupation is dependent on the State is little different than a welfare recipient.

Rule 4B:   Offer unsecured loans with a State guarantee of repayment to pay for education and training to obtain an occupational license per rule 4A.  Make these loans non-discharging in bankruptcy.

This is diabolical.  Unsecured, guaranteed loans to bright, promising 18 year olds with no financial savvy is just unconscionable.  So much so that it corescates in its naked overreaching.  Your average doctor leaves residency $200,000 plus in debt.  Lawyers are in the low six figures.  Even a bachelor level professional (shirking in number each day due to Rule 4A–need a masters or more now) will leave school 50k plus in debt.  This guarantees at least 10 years in the work force.  The bonus is that the price of the education never goes down.  Why would it?  The funds are guaranteed.  If tuition goes up, the loan limit goes up  as well.  Don’t believe me? Take a gander here:

Credit to studentdebtrelief.us.

Now lookee here:

Credit:  www.mymoneyblog.com

The rate differential is about 0.3.  That is, looking at the period where the two data sets overlap (2000-2011), for every Clownbuck that tuition rises, student debt goes up 30%.  This doesn’t include textbooks.  Bonus:  The extra Clownbucks extracted in debt can be used to install professors to push Rule 4.  A person who realized they made a mistake and can’t afford to pay back that 50k they borrowed for their masters in family science has no recourse.  Bankruptcy is not an option.  An unfortunate soul who runs up a student loan debt will be a debt slave for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 25 years.  For professionals who don’t make an extraordinary income, they will work till they die.   They’ll be good little citizen-serfs too. Those that do make an extraordinary income (surgeons, speciality dentists) have a shot, but only if they don’t mortgage themselves away on other things. See Rule 4D.

Rule 4C:   Make damn sure that all educational systems do not teach financial literacy.

Game, set, match!  If schools taught young adults about money, I wonder how many smart young people would go to college?  Way fewer, I’m certain of it.  Without financial literacy,  a young person can mortgage away their best years and not realize it until it’s too late (See Rule 4A and 4B).  Ever wonder why this isn’t taught in public school? Clown menace!

Rule 4D:  Push the consumerist lifestyle trap.

What does it mean to be successful?  The clowns define it in media.  HGTV is house porn designed to make luxury home ownership success.  Travel channel says expensive vacations are success.  Commercials on broadcast TV say success is this SUV or that sports car.  All of these industries are clown-owned and operated.  Borrow, borrow, borrow more Clownbucks for that vacation in Brazil or that lake house.  Accepting the clown definition of success serves the clown interest.  What about healthy children, clean food, and friendship for friendship’s sake?  Those don’t make clowns money, so they are not “success.”


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