Real Estate Clowns killing it. Next stop total economic meltdown.


The housing-mortgage bubble is back baby.  How do I know? I can see, that’s how.  People I know in the non-productive real estate industry are making money hand over fist with minimal skill and labor.  These people produce absolutely nothing of value.  This is the paperwork economy at its best.  Want to make six figures after a 6 month training course? Sell real estate.  Don’t have time for training?  Just buy an old house, paint it, and sell it.  Met a chick who sells real estate who isn’t a very bright bulb.  She made 200k last year.  Got several buddies doing mortgage loans.  They’re taking trips, smoking premium cigars, and living large.  I even have some family doing house flipping. They make 50k a pop.

Productive labor? That’s for suckers.  This the tulip economy.  Didn’t get the tulip reference?  Read this:

If you are ready to take the plunge into the book itself, dowload it here:

The re-examination of this psychology classic is timely.  Especially when serious jobs in our economy include:


Job Title:  Mortgage loan officer.

Job Description:  Network, hook clients, reassure clients, data entry.

Job Qualifications:  Personable, good looking, good at splaining, and capable of simple data entry.

Pay:  0.7% of each loan.


Job Title:  Real estate agent

Job Description:  Network, hook clients, reassure clients, drive around.

Job Qualifications:  Personable, good looking, good at splaining two things (how fill out contract form and what you’l sign at closing), and capable of driving clients around from house to house.

Pay:  1.5% to 3.0% of each loan.


Job Title:  Property Rehaber

Job Description:  Get inside info from realtor with local MLS access.  Buy property in hot area.  Paint walls, landscape, change cabinet hardware, and maybe a few other things.

Job Qualifications:  Networked to Real estate agent and Mortgage loan officer.  Simple handyman skills. Can qualify for mortgage loan.

Pay:  20% to 40% of house sale value.


What the fuck ever happened to living with your family until you save enough to buy some land and the materials needed to build a house, then you and your male friends and relatives go out and build your house in a week mortgage free?  Jesus, this is clown world.  Each home has up to 50% pure economic waste built into it because of the current real estate system.  That is just agents, loan officers, and rehabers.  I didn’t mention brokers, banks and title agents.  For a typical transaction with no rehaber involved, the broker, agent, bank, and title company take about 10% of the home’s value upfront.  That’s half a down payment–gone!

What kills me is I see people taking time off work to go build habitat for humanity houses for poor people they don’t even know who will live there for a marginal payment who also get to pretty much be guaranteed a risk free return (habitat houses sell with an option to purchase by the local habitat village–the tenant doesn’t ever lose money) yet they wouldn’t dream of doing the same for their neighbor or family.   WTF?

There are even charities that build homes for refugees.  Yes, that’s right, the same damn people who are being brought here to replace you and your descendants White America.  Virtue signaling white people are literally building homes for their replacements while paying a premium to banks to live in mostly white, safe neighborhoods.  The banks and corporations get it both ways–the virtue signaling home builders keep paying for expensive housing while bringing in cheap labor.  It’s genius.  Only a clown could set this up and sell it with a smile.

Where does this madness end?  Wait till the federal reserve bank can no longer put bad debt on its balance sheets.  It will all end quickly and brutally.  The money system is now so complex that it cannot be controlled.  There are too many interconnected nodes that have multiple fractional dependencies that in turn have their own interconnections.  It is too complicated to unwind in a orderly manner is what I’m saying.  Putting the bad debt on a non-publicly traded bank’s balance sheet which is owned by the very same banks is just more evidence of this lunacy.  We’re screwed.

I think that the presence of the clowns in charge is in the zeitgeist of the real estate market.  That is why the tiny house thing has taken off in recent years.  In my opinion, the tiny house craze is the perfect intersection of incapable men and the women who own them.  If the man had friends and skills, he could just build a real house, but he and the wifey are too into each other for him to have a strong, independent male essence.  She wouldn’t let him hang around the kind of guys that know how to build because they might redpill him.  Instead, our cucked man and his wifey will gladly pay 30k for a utility trailer with a shed framed on it because they just can’t handle the manual labor to build it for 5k.  Hence, the profit motive that puts the tiny house shit on TV (600% profit on tiny homes–oh vey!).  No matter, the point is that the awareness of the clown real estate system is seeping into the consciousness of regular people.  That is good.

Right now is a great time to rent unless you have the construction skills and the free labor to build it yourself.  Amish, Menonnites, and Hutterites don’t have fucking mortgages.   They give their labor to each other in a true sense of community.  Come to think of it, they don’t have fat ass feminists and factory farmed food either.  They are definitely onto something.

BTW, if you can get yourself some land outside of the jurisdiction of building codes, look into earth bag building for a mortgage free home.  Super cheap, super strong, and fast to build.  Take a looky at this stuff:

There are plenty of youtube videos “dig around” (pun intended).


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